A Week Of Celebrations, Leading Up To VE Day!

It may have been a short work but it has been an equally, successful week for the children!

This week, it has been wonderful to see the imaginative approach, all of the children have displayed towards completing their phonics work.

It is apparent, the weather has motivated lots of children to take their learning of different sounds in phonics, outdoors and in doing so, they have come up with innovative ways to demonstrate their learning in the sun!
Whether it is dressing up as a multicoloured unicorn or creating body silhouettes with the Read, Write, Inc phonics cards.. Miss Pourghorban and Miss Pearson are amazed with the independence and enthusiasm Bridgegate have shared this week!

In maths, the children have explored in further detail, how to measure volume and capacity at home and the units we use, for measuring small and large amounts, accurately!

Again, a big well done to all the children who approached their learning in maths in creative and practical ways, this week.
Currently, all of the children in Bridgegate are inspiring their friends in many different ways, by consistency sharing their successes and praising one another. It goes without saying, it is brilliant to view all of the children coming together on the online learning platform and act as one in this way! Keep it up super stars!

Within geography, the children exceeded the Bridgegate teams’ expectations this week, by completing a range of wonderful illustrations and pieces of writing, based on why they are so fond of both, the coastal and woodland habitat.
It was a close call between the two, but I think it is fair to say both habitats are very much appreciated by the children and valued for the wonderful creations they are!

On Friday, Miss Pourghorban and Miss Pearson hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating VE day, from hanging celebratory bunting around your house, creating fighter planes and medals out of craft resources and hammer beads, to baking recipes and holding tea parties.

Regardless of how you are celebrating, please do share all of the photos and videos you collect, to the Bridgegate email address:
The team will get back to you on Monday morning at 9am, as usual.

Have an enjoyable, extended weekend and most importantly, stay happy and safe most importantly,

The Bridgegate team.