A Rainbow Of Discovery

Northgate have had an amazing week full of discovery. British Science Week inspired the children to link human geography with environment science and investigated the effects of tourism on Niagara Falls. Similarly, the Northgate wanted to understand the science behind a rainbow, often pictured over the Niagara River. Working in their teams the children designed an experiment with water and light and practically explored refraction of light.

Investigation and discovery has also been a theme in our literacy lessons this week as Northgate came across a variety of new words and phrases that needed defining. Using dictionaries and thesauruses the children collected lots of persuasive language that could be manipulated into a very convincing letter. We wrote to the American and Canadian government demanding they take note of the effects tourism has on the environment.

Money is a positive impact of tourism and is said to be found at the end of a rainbow. Northgate have been using and applying their knowledge of notes and coins to add and subtract money. Thank you to all parents who encouraged their child to spend money and calculate change this weekend, practical experiences are paramount to develop understand and skills.

We have been looking closely at art created by William Morris this week and Northgate have printed repeated patterns with pastel spring colours. The children carved floral designs into felt and printed them on to paper. – they look great!

Have a colourful weekend,

The Year Two Team.