A Huge Welcome Back to School!

It has been a pleasure to welcome back all of children after what feels like such a long time apart, as a whole year group.

On return to school, each child was thrilled to explore their new learning environment and as expected, gave 100% to every learning opportunity they were provided with, this week! The Watergate team were proud to witness 25 fresh-faced, optimistic children into their new classroom on Wednesday morning and it is clear to see, we have a great year ahead of us all!

To kick start the week, Watergate were enthused to share with their peers, all they had gotten up to over the summer break! The number of adventures children had been on and experiences they had to tell, inspired the class to compose detailed recount texts, explaining all the fun they had during the Summer. It is clear to see the children have been using their Watergate handwriting pencils the Bridgegate team handed out at the end of last term, as all of the children’s letter formation and sentence structures were fantastic to read over, throughout this week!

Within phonics, the children have been very excited to review tricky, ‘Watergate common exception words’ and same sounds, including those that consist of split digraphs. To do so, the children worked independently to identify a range of common exception words they are likely to come across within their reading and writing in Watergate and applied their knowledge of these, into their writing, by editing their holiday news recounts. Super work mini reporters.

In topic, Watergate explored the story, which inspired this term’s current topic theme, ‘Dragons Love Tacos’. To follow, the children were motivated to discuss all that they already knew about the mythical creatures, such as the setting they are normally discovered in, in traditional tales, their features and also, what their character may be like if they were to come face to face with a dragon. In addition, Watergate had a brilliant discussion about what it is, they want to find out more about this term in order to enhance their knowledge and understanding of fictional, mythical creatures.

During maths, the children have worked extremely well this week, to recap and extend their knowledge of days of the week, months of the year and the changes we experience within to the four seasons, such as adaptations in the weather and to the environment around us. This then led to a lovely discussion, regarding how animals are able to protect themselves and their young, throughout the four seasons, as well as how we can dress ourselves in different ways to stay protected against the ever changing weather conditions we face.

Have a wonderful, restful weekend to recharge from the first week back!
We couldn’t be prouder of the effort and enthusiasm all the children have displayed this week.. well done Watergate Warriors!

The Watergate Team.