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A 21st Century, World Class International Education, promoting individual aspirations and enabling children to achieve greatness through challenge, opportunity and enrichment, benefitting from the stimulation of a city centre environment.

Our mission here at St Martin’s Academy is clear, we aim for excellence in all that we do, to inspire our school community and offer the care guidance and support that our learners require to grow and succeed. At St Martin’s Academy, every child really does matter and we as a team set very high expectations in all that we do.

We believe that there is more to school than just helping young people achieve good results. At St Martin’s we believe that the Foundation Stage curriculum, and the program that follows, ensures that our children become the type of young people we need in our community to make a difference and change things for the better.  Put simply, receiving an excellent early education can shape who we are and our future.

St Martin’s Academy is proud to be a part of the Free School program since 2013.

A modern school for modern lifestyles.

Head of School Wenda Smith

Outstanding in all areas. Ofsted May 2015